In a relaxed setting taste a variety of wild bush foods, such as quandong, native limes, sandalwood nuts and local coastal greens.   Learn about and sniff touch taste native Australian herbs, spices and peppers.  Discover the uses of bushtucker plants, their medicinal properties and the surprising health benefits they offer.  Explore the bush food garden.  Feed the emus who are happy to pose for a photo opportunity.  Enjoy a bushfood inspired lunch, morning or afternoon tea as an add on to your experience or just on its own.  We cook up a delectable range of bush tucker inspired savoury and sweet dishes. Our bushtucker pies and sausage rolls are a speciality.  You can explore local history and culture or experience the cultural tradition of storytelling through art.  All the experiences include some bush tucker snacks.
Dale Tilbrook’s Aboriginal Experiences will take you on a cultural journey that will ignite all the senses.

Dale has a wealth of knowledge about Australian native edibles or bushtucker. She will walk you around the South West and the rest of Australia with her descriptions and stories about the food consumed by Aboriginal people, Aboriginal agricultural practices and the Six Seasons.

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It doesn't have to be scary. But it does have to be delicious. Lyall's kangaroo sausage rolls are always winners. Crunchy youlk salad or lemon myrtle infused chicken. The most tender kangaroo you have ever tasted. Let us tantalise your taste buds. Lunches. Catering.

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There is something meditative about applying dots to a canvas or object. It is repetitive and soothing. Almost unconsiously the pattern and story evolve. Learn about traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art. Absorb dreamtime stories as you paint.

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Many Australian native botanicals have amazing nutrient profiles. Learn why you should add roasted wattleseed to your morning smoothie, or the many uses of lemon myrtle to improve your wellbeing. Find out which herb contains a compound which is like sunscreen for your eyes. Which fruit has the highest Vitamin C content? Learn the answers to these questions and many other amazing insights into bushtucker.

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We don't have words for please and thank you in our languages because our social system was based on sharing according to need and available resources. But there were no free lunches. How did this all work? No written language and complex systems understood by all. Amazing. So much to explore. Join us for a fascinating journey of exploration of local Aboriginal culture. Djinang Boordwen. See you later.

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Every now and again we feel like being totally decadent and we will declare a “High Tea Day”. For a limited number of guests, we will create a very relaxed atmosphere to talk all about local culture and Australian native edibles. We will serve some exquisite food and some special drinks. We will announce these events on facebook and Instagram so when you see them, hop onto our website and book quickly.

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